“What If?” by Preston Mott

What if you had one chance, one shot, or one opportunity to make things right?
With everything that’s wrong in this world you could change like separating dark from light.
What if you had the power to heal the sick, or cure a poor kid with cancer?
What if he looked up to you smiling and said thanks you were my answer?
What if you could provide food for all of the hungry and a house for everyone that’s homeless?
If they were all eating, their meals inside of a home I bet they wouldn’t feel so hopeless.
What if you could fix a broken marriage and bring back the love that was once there?
If the couple would have let God into their life they’re might not have been anything to repair.
What if you could catch all the bullets that were fired from the streets or in a war?
Imagine the number of families that wouldn’t have a reason to cry anymore.
What if you quit thinking about yourself for just one moment and showed compassion for others?
If you stopped hating people, you would start caring for them as if they were your sisters or brothers.
What if this poem made you realize all the bad things that happen in this world in more than one way?
Would you use your chance to change what you could or go on with your life as if it were just another day?

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