Kipling’s Poem “IF–” for Today’s World – performed by Six Elements

If our bodies are what we eat, then our hearts and souls are what we watch, listen to and read.

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If–” has inspired millions of hearts and souls (including mine), because it captures the ideal of human character in just 32 short lines. Our ideals make us who we are, which is why this poem should be shouted from every rooftop and absorbed by our senses in every possible way. The symphonic progressive rock band Six Elements did their part by turning the poem “If–” into a song; ” With the help of All Things If,  I turned the song into a music video:

I believe that if everyone embraced and taught the ideals of Kipling’s “If–” to their kids, our world would be a better place. If you believe it, too, please send this YouTube link for the video to everyone you know. It’s all about integrity, building character and accepting personal responsibility–attributes that seems to be fading away in this country and around the world. You can choose to encourage the idea in your sphere of influence or maintain the status quo. I hope you’ll choose to pass it on.

Susan Hawkins, Senior Editor
All Things If

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