What is success? Pray could it be
The same for you as it is for me?
If we took our question to the Lord above,
Would His answer be ‘Success is Love’?

If we face the truth wherever found,
Our thoughts and deeds with love abound;
And if given the chance we could do no less,
Is this not then a real success?

Though a man should try yet fail the same
To earn great wealth or worldly fame
But exhibits love wherever he can,
Is he not then a successful man?

If a child can see in his father’s face
A love for men of every race,
His love of God, hear him confess
I dare say he’s a great success.

So when I pray my prayer shall be,
Lord, make a successful man of me.
Though through human error I may lose all other,
Help me to learn to love my brother.