Amid the festive guests they sat-
The beagle dog and the calico cat.
Engulfed in the aroma of a cooking feast,
These thoughts came over each watching beast.
With heads all bowed the host said grace
As thanks was written on every face.
The calico cat, being prone to brood,
Thought of many who had no food.
Their praying done, all heads were raised.
The dog, as into the fire he gazed,
Had thoughts of those who through life went,
With neither hearth nor warmth of friend.
As the day wore on with merriment wrought,
These two just sat in troubled thought.
The dog looked up, said “Could it be,
From them is hidden that which we see?”
The cat replied “They see alright,
And they try at times to set things right.
They’re just saying thanks the human way,
For you see, this is Thanksgiving Day.”

* * * * *

Thanksgiving day is once a year
When our praise to God we share.
But it’s all the other days that pass
When we really need to care.
So I say my tanks to you, Oh Lord,
With a worthwhile Christian Prayer.

Should I see a person lonesome,
Have me stop and chat awhile.
And when it’s time for parting,
Let me leave them with a smile.
So that my thanks to you, Oh Lord,
Is in a worthwhile Christian Style.

And if my heart should feel a tug
By another’s basic need.
Instead of waiting till something’s done,
Inspire me to take the lead,
So that I say my thanks, Oh Lord,
With a worthwhile Christian Deed.

When prejudice should show its head,
Let my love for man hold sway.
And so your message comes out right,
Guide my mouth in what I say.
So that I give you thanks, Oh Lord,
In a worthwhile Christian Way.

May I show my thanks to you,
In whatever place I can.
And may everything I say and do
Be according to your plan,
So that my thanks to you, Oh Lord,
Makes of me a Christian Man.