What better way to spend a day
Than planning for the winter.
With pail in tow, away you go
A blackberry patch you enter.

In weeds head high, snakes pass you by
On ground still wet with dew.
Your skin is torn by jutting thorn
The end’s not yet in view.

You start to itch in every niche
Where a chigger can get hold.
Your tongue could burst from nagging thirst
A drink’s worth more than gold.

As the sun gets high up in the sky
The sweat rolls down your neck.
The blowflies land upon your hand
Your nerves become a wreck.

In all of this you find some bliss
As you conquer your dismay.
You see jelly spread upon your bread
On some cold winter day.

Now the day has come to be rewarded some
For the many hours you toiled.
As it’s in your grasp, your wife’s heard to gasp
The blackberry jelly’s SPOILED!

Marlyn Kinney’s comment: Typical Jim Kinney humor