I sat alone near the ocean shore
My thoughts engulfed in the sea’s great lore.
Untroubled by fear or nagging doubt
Tn this quiet setting I had shut them out.

This blissful hour I felt would end
As I gazed toward the shoreline’s bend.
For a sightless man with cane in hand
Was making his way along the sand.

Tf I sit real still, I thought with a sigh,
This unwanted guest will pass me by.
But as he approached he raised his head
“Good morning, sir,” the blind man said.

Quite taken aback that he should know
I felt my interest begin to grow.
“Please tell me sir, if you cannot see,
How could you know to speak to me?”

A pleasant smjle beamed cross his face
Then in verbal wisdom he began to trace
A line of thought both wise and plain
From which a man could only gain.

“It’s very simple,” he said to me
“For I’m not as blind as some who see
Not being hampered by a worldly glare
I can feel your presence and know you’re there.”

My mind raced ahead as he continued to speak
I saw God a companion of the blind and weak.
An awakening thought then occurred to me,
Which of us is blind and cannot see?

I looked for my friend but he had strolled away
PerDaps to talk to some others that day;
But I learned the lesson he had come to teach
I was never alone on that sandy beach.

Comment from Marlyn Kinney:
Inspired on vacation, camping