I met a man who instructed me
In the knowledge of life’s perplexity.
It seems the Lord had shown him the way
While permitting all others to go astray.

I listened intently for I wished to know,
Just what things were evil and hence, my foe.
These words that follow from the man I met
Are his guide for avoiding corruptions net.

All faiths ‘cept his, upon this earth
He views their beliefs with a bit of mirth.
For they’re all dead-wrong, if you stop and look,
Only his can be proven by the Holy Book.

He says love your neighbor, as a Christian should,
But before you do, make sure they’re good.
He can name you the ones who are mean and base,
And of course, there are those of a lower race.

He told of a man who lives next door
Who’s the kind of person you should abhor.
Though respected by all who know him well,
He drinks a bit, so will go to hell.

What manner of life this man shall live,
Nor the time and talents he is wont to give,
Can gain salvation when his life shall end
For he doesn’t think like my new-found friend.

This new-found friend I’ve come to know,
Is everywhere I chance to go.
In varied robes he’ll be bedecked
For he’s the length and breath of every sect.

So if you should meet him on your way
Perhaps he’ll ask you to stop and pray.
Don’t turn your back in a fit of wrath-
This man needs help along life’s path.

Don’t miss your chance to do some good,
Though his exalted manner makes you feel you should.
From this chance meeting, God’s love may stem,
For this man needs you more than you need him.