We should tell our kids of the Saviour,
How he was born on Christmas Day
And how he lived, and why he died,
We can help them in this way,

And while they are still little tots,
We should tell them of St. Nick.
For it’s only when they are so small
We can make that fable stick.

Yes, we can fail in our Christian duty,
To teach Christ, and him so dear,
Or fail as modern-day parents,
If we leave out Santa’s cheer.

But the one thing we cannot forget,
Is grandma on this day,
For the thought of going to her house
Is what makes our children gay.

When you see the love that’s in their eyes,
When they look upon her face,
You are seeing beauty that can’t be marred,
That even death will not erase.

So, I say to all you grandmas,
When you hear the children call,
Raise up your heads in well-earned pride,
God bless you, one and all!