GONE CAMPING (Eulogy to Johnny)

My friend has gone camping
As he was wont to do
And I’m sure he’s the same
Though the campground is new.

How happy his countenance
In dawn’s early glow
What rapture engulfed him
Only Johnny could know.

With the aroma of coffee
And a cheery “hello”
He would start off each day
And his friendships would grow.

He was loved by so many
Yes so many can tell
We were lucky and privileged
To know Johnny so well.

Now as I stir up the campfire
In the cool mornings chill
And my coffee starts perking
I see my friend still.

For though Johnny’s gone camping
In a celestial sphere
Memories of his friendship
I’ll always revere.

Comment from Marlyn Kinney:
Ironically, this eulogy written to a very dear friend in our early camping days could well apply to Jim himself now.