Preface — Only God can create, man is blessed with the ability of continuing enlightenment
of God’s Plan

Since first things first were animated
The buffoon claimed that he created.
If this we feel in part is true
It’s the part that we have learned to rue.
For the vain man hears what he wants to hear
And he hears this only through the mortal ear
While those who know it’s all God’s plan
Can hear the voice of the inner man.
The fool beholds with prideful eye
What he has done with land and sky.
While the wise man thanks the One on high
For the glimpse of truth that’s his to spy.
Most men are prone to laugh and boast
And wealth to them is uppermost.
What man looks on as his work of might
Is merely that which has come to light.
There is nothing made that hasn’t been
And it’s all of God excepting sin.
And when it’s time for man to die
He has as yet to answer why.
So this then is creativity
What is and was and will ever be.