How to post links to YouTube Videos

To post a link to a YouTube video is extremely easy here on All Things If.

You can do so in a new post or one you have posted previously. In the post editor, above the main text field and above the editing buttons are two tabs. One labelled Visual. The other HTML. You need to make certain the  Visual Editor is active. This is the default if you have not previously changed it. In the Visual Editor bar, are a series of icons. The bold Red one with a white arrow is the one for posting a YouTube video.

Now, place your cursor in the editor window where you want to place the youtube video. Be sure there is a line (space) both above and below the location you want the video inserted and any text in the article.

Now, in a separate browser window, navigate to the YouTube video you want and click the button labelled “Share” below the video. Copy the URL in the field and come back to the All Things If editor and click on the the above mentioned Red icon – the browser window will dim and a dialogue will appear.

Simply paste the “share” URL from YouTube into the field in the dialogue and click insert. Then you will see the line of text where you inserted the video, which will look something like this…

[yframe url='']

If you need to adjust the text, add some more, etc., just be sure to put it all on a separate line with some space between the video URL and paragaraphs of text – If you want a caption, just eliminate the space between text and the video.

Now, when you are satisfied, go ahead and Publish the video.