March 2012 | Issue #4


  • What If There Were Kipling’s “If”—For Girls?
    Director Tim Burton accomplishes on film what Rudyard Kipling accomplishes poetically—they both speak to children about living a life of honesty, integrity and courage. Apparently, the planet has been losing its grip on these attributes since the beginning of time. Rudyard Kipling used pen and ink and spoke to sons everywhere. In “Alice in Wonderland,” Tim Burton speaks to our daughters through film, and the similarities are remarkable.


  • “Thief” By Yana N. Troinich
    Sometimes the path towards betterment starts with the worst action in your life; in order to become better, you must first acknowlege that you aren't the person you could--and should--be.


Music Reviews


  • The Man Who Warmed “The Cold Within”
    James Patrick Kinney, author of the poem The Cold Within, should be celebrated as a man who brought the ideals in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If” to life. Find out why!